Top 5 Companies Doing Great Things For Their Employees, Communities, Or Others

It’s a great thing to know that the people you work for have got your back. Especially when it comes to things such as health benefits and insurance, or bonuses for holidays or outstanding work. Some companies, however, go above and beyond when it comes to taking care of their employees or communities. Here’s my top 5…

5) Nike

Nike has had its trouble in the past and many were shocked to find out how their shoes were made overseas and the poor conditions of the workers that made them for next to nothing in the way of compensation. As I’m sure we all know, however, they were not close to the only ones. Many companies still do today. But Nike has made a complete turnaround. The company is now very transparent with its practices and has come to be the #1 ranked company for its relationship with employees. They now have some of the best fair pay practices and parental benefits. In addition to this they have benefits for employees who have an ill relative. Nike has also made strides in environmental friendliness in the way of sustainability and have developed a public “restricted substance” list.

4) Symantec

Based in Mountain View California, Symantec is highly acclaimed by both customers and employees. With exceptional employee
training programs, and other goals geared toward workforce equality,
it’s really no wonder they made the list. They also are tied for first place in
community relations. Looking to ensure a diverse workforce Symantec has
announced a goal of increasing its number of female employees by %15 by 2020.

3) Salesforce

Salesforce is a world leader in providing equal pay across all demographics and employee benefits. They offer their employees to accrue an unlimited amount of vacation time. In 2016 Salesforce spent 3 million dollars to ensure that their employees were paid equal and fair wages. Salesforce als gives their employees one week of paid volunteer work. Last year their employees logged over 17,000 hours volunteering. They also promise to match any donation to a charitable cause up to $5,000

2) Cisco

Cisco is the undisputed leader in environmentally friendly practices. All of their
products (down to the packaging) are environmentally friendly, and they recycle 99% of all disassembled products.Cisco is an industry leader for employee pay, safety and how they handle grievances and layoffs. They also have a very strict policy of refusing to deal with any company who mistreats its employees.

1) Intel

….And the winner is Intel, hands down! Intel is strides ahead of most corporations inalmost every way when it comes to employee satisfaction and compensation. With virtually equal pay across demographics, refusal to work with companies or governments who oppress their employees/citizens, and 75% sustainability these guys know how to deliver compensation. They are also ranked first in five out of the six categories for community relations. They even prioritize raw materials from local sources first.

If you work for any one of these companies the odd are that you’re very happy with your job. These five companies know the secret behind keeping good employees is keeping good employees happy. We appreciate the strides these companies have made and hope that they eventually become standard. If you made the list or even if you didn’t and your company is good to their employees, thank you, for treating your employees with dignity and respect.



One company who does great things for their employees and their clients is the fantastic  If you’re in the area check them out!