Top 5 Companies Doing Great Things For Their Employees, Communities, Or Others

It’s a great thing to know that the people you work for have got your back. Especially when it comes to things such as health benefits and insurance, or bonuses for holidays or outstanding work. Some companies, however, go above and beyond when it comes to taking care of their employees or communities. Here’s my top 5…

5) Nike

Nike has had its trouble in the past and many were shocked to find out how their shoes were made overseas and the poor conditions of the workers that made them for next to nothing in the way of compensation. As I’m sure we all know, however, they were not close to the only ones. Many companies still do today. But Nike has made a complete turnaround. The company is now very transparent with its practices and has come to be the #1 ranked company for its relationship with employees. They now have some of the best fair pay practices and parental benefits. In addition to this they have benefits for employees who have an ill relative. Nike has also made strides in environmental friendliness in the way of sustainability and have developed a public “restricted substance” list.

4) Symantec

Based in Mountain View California, Symantec is highly acclaimed by both customers and employees. With exceptional employee
training programs, and other goals geared toward workforce equality,
it’s really no wonder they made the list. They also are tied for first place in
community relations. Looking to ensure a diverse workforce Symantec has
announced a goal of increasing its number of female employees by %15 by 2020.

3) Salesforce

Salesforce is a world leader in providing equal pay across all demographics and employee benefits. They offer their employees to accrue an unlimited amount of vacation time. In 2016 Salesforce spent 3 million dollars to ensure that their employees were paid equal and fair wages. Salesforce als gives their employees one week of paid volunteer work. Last year their employees logged over 17,000 hours volunteering. They also promise to match any donation to a charitable cause up to $5,000

2) Cisco

Cisco is the undisputed leader in environmentally friendly practices. All of their
products (down to the packaging) are environmentally friendly, and they recycle 99% of all disassembled products.Cisco is an industry leader for employee pay, safety and how they handle grievances and layoffs. They also have a very strict policy of refusing to deal with any company who mistreats its employees.

1) Intel

….And the winner is Intel, hands down! Intel is strides ahead of most corporations inalmost every way when it comes to employee satisfaction and compensation. With virtually equal pay across demographics, refusal to work with companies or governments who oppress their employees/citizens, and 75% sustainability these guys know how to deliver compensation. They are also ranked first in five out of the six categories for community relations. They even prioritize raw materials from local sources first.

If you work for any one of these companies the odd are that you’re very happy with your job. These five companies know the secret behind keeping good employees is keeping good employees happy. We appreciate the strides these companies have made and hope that they eventually become standard. If you made the list or even if you didn’t and your company is good to their employees, thank you, for treating your employees with dignity and respect.



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Naturally, your underlying response to hearing the term institutional trustee may be “What is that?” or “Gracious, that sounds costly!” However, in the event that you have a put stock in esteemed at $400,000 or more, you would be savvy to find out about the administrations they can give. Put stock in organizations, legal counselors, financier houses, and banks are the most widely recognized institutional trustees. In the event that you have a relative or companion willing to fill in as your institutional trustee, you may pay a lower rate or have your charges deferred totally. If not, you can expect that your charges for your trustee’s administrations will go from 1% to 3% of your trust’s aggregate esteem. On the off chance that your trust is esteemed beneath $400,000, it would presumably be all the more fiscally sharp to cease from utilizing such an administration. Truth be told, numerous expert trustee administrations will totally decline to serve customers with littler bequests.

Expecting that you have discovered that utilizing an expert trust benefit is fitting, you ought to precisely pick the best trustee to serve your requirements. Despite the fact that an institutional trust will probably be good to go for the span of the confide in’s presence, the duty regarding the trust’s administration might be given off to different workers because of representative turnover. Before settling on a ultimate choice, make sure to guarantee that there will be consistent congruity with respect to the confide in’s administration.

Astute home proprietors know to intermittently employ a target outsider to once in a while survey the trust to guarantee themselves that their trust’s advantages are being contributed carefully and are legitimately kept up. In all actuality, doing as such causes an extra cost, however in the event that it shields your trust and your beneficiaries from the administration’s offense or slip-ups, the cost is certainly justified regardless of the cost. Make sure additionally that your expert trust administrations conveys protection to ensure you if such issues surface.

Institutional trustees ought to guarantee you that they are equipped for being totally objective as they deal with your home. Unless you have plainly expressed something else, a trustee ought to be stoic and unfaltering when confronting passionate requests from your kids for extra payment of assets. Enabling a family or companion to go about as your trust welcomes potential issues since they may give feelings and loyalties a chance to influence choices from what you unequivocally communicated. A contracted unbiased trustee, be that as it may, will confront no such enthusiastic or mental situations. In like manner, your employed trustee won’t be a distress stricken companion or relative who grapples with possibly recovering confide in resources from friends and family.

An extra advantage to employing institutional trustees is that they can rapidly and productively counsel with and contract (if essential) legal counselors or potentially bookkeepers to give guidance to best deal with your benefits. In spite of staff turnover, an organization’s involvement and capacity to deal with your trust makes more certainty over an individual trustee who could conceivably have the experience or mastery to deal with your put stock in alone.

Know that the trustee might need to contribute a few or the majority of your advantages through the organization since he supports his establishment’s speculation vehicles. In any case, you may contribute a few or all the put stock in’s benefits through different organizations. In the event that your trust is generally little, your trust establishment may confine your venture alternatives. Simply make certain to check your specific establishment’s practices previously settling on your last decision.


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What employees and customers look for

There are a few things one ought to consider preceding choosing an establishment repair organization, and legitimate research ought to dependably be led to guarantee that you are getting the ideal care with regards to repairing your home.

One of the primary things to contemplate while choosing an establishment repair organization is to what extent have the organizations you are thinking about being in the business for? Apparently it would make sense that you would need to choose an organization that has had quite a long while of proven administration in the business. This experience inside an organization won’t just guarantee that the repair of your house is taken care of by the most profoundly gifted tradesmen accessible, however, that they likewise will know how to lead business with, and treat their customers legitimately.

While an organization may have available fantastic administration men, it is difficult to comprehend the procedure, and costs included, if the organization does not know how to discuss appropriately with the customer and pass on the correct procedure, time span, expenses, and dangers included. And also being gifted at their work, they ought to be talented in disclosing to their client, (i.e. you), why they have picked the establishment repair process that they have, its advantages, and the conceivable disservices. Client care and correspondence procedures are frequently developed alongside years of proper administration and will be a decent sign of an organization that has ability and years in the business.

Before picking one specific organization, you ought to likewise guarantee that you get no less than three unique offers concerning the cost to finish the activity all the way. While more than three proposals is significantly more fitting, three offers should give you an exact, if not no less than a ball stop figure, of the precise rough cost to lead the whole activity. Out of the three offers, one offer will, for the most part, be the most astounding, one the least and one should compromise. Use this center offer as a kind of perspective point to judge what your real expenses ought to be.

Starting there, a strong statement ought to be built up, in composing, before starting any development. Should any issues emerge, later on, this will give you a reference point to take back to the organization if you feel any charges are strange or unaccounted for. An organization is will undoubtedly maintain any composed assurance of estimating and should bend over backward to decide the right cost of a vocation before continuing with the goal that no shrouded costs are experienced. Without a composed certification of a statement, should anything emerge that could be charged to yourself that the organization at first ignored, they can charge back to the customer with the customer having practically zero response to challenge the charges?

Considering shock charges, another great research point is to make certain the organization has protection. Without protection, you could wind up being taking care of the bill, or more regrettable, be held obligated for any occurrences, mishaps, or harm to your property, by and by, without the plan of action. An organization ought to have protection to cover any unplanned property harm that could come about because of mis-figurings, unpracticed work powers, or breaking down hardware.

At last, one should look into the accreditations and national affiliation participations that their specific organization of decision is connected with, or has obtained. As for each situation, the all the more preparing and confirmation an organization has put resources into for its workers, the better gifted they will be with regards to repairing your home. Be careful about organizations that claim to have affiliations or affirmations yet don’t straightforwardly show evidence of either. Solicit to see permitting and verification from preparing for gear utilize and other hardware before enabling substantial development to initiate.



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Redefining Success

Missteps are not botched IF you can gain from them.

As I strolled along today, I picked up a knowledge of life. There is no such thing as mix-ups as long as one gain from the “misstep.” Missteps are a truly open door for development.

This came to me after I committed a couple of rehashed errors. It was an extremely modest misstep however rehashed twice in one day, and it requires some consideration. One thing I did well was as opposed to getting to be unsettled or disturbed; I cleared my brain and made an active inquiry, for what reason did I commit this error twice in one day? I find that it was poor fixation and the impact of commonality, the being so used to of getting things done unquestionably and the absence of interests in finding a superior way. I gain from it that I should hone and extend my development here. I discovered that I ought not to squander any moment of the day neglecting to focus on things because if I come up short at any moment that implies I will make an example of disappointment. I ought not to come up with any reasons not to be at my best. Or maybe, I should make it as a chance to focus more in spite of the reality of any outside condition.

After I had put things in appropriate viewpoint and pick up the astuteness, I was so cheerful realizing that I turned out to be more gainful as ever previously and more proficient than I was yesterday.

Let us recollect forget to dependably be working when we are grinding away and not enable any circumstances to take the best of us. Let us recollect forget to be there when we are there and to be here when we are here. It is our administration aptitudes and overseeing abilities that improve and advance our lives into a superior future. Be wherever we are right now… To me, a viable and proficient individual is and ought to dependably be compelling and productive regardless of what the circumstance calls for?

Pick today to gain from each mix-up in your life. Mix-ups are lessons of revelations! You will develop and turn out to be significantly more from the slip-ups in your life than from the victories you have. Grasp your errors. Value your oversights. Thank god for your missteps! Your oversights will control you to an existence of accomplishment, riches, satisfaction, wellbeing, and awesome life.

What are you realizing?

Rather, take a gander at what you’re realizing now, what you’ve gained from past mix-ups or how you would now be able to take a gander at your past slip-ups so you can remove the significant life lessons they bring into your experience and self-awareness.

Take a gander at what you expected to ace; regardless of whether it’s your point of view, moving your viewpoint – the way you see things, or change the moves you reliably make to get the outcomes you want. As in the case, you have to reliably be tweaking your procedure until the point that you see what attempts to enable you to ace whatever it is you’re taking a shot at.

Change the way you see your slip-ups, and you’ll see life from a radically new point of view and engage yourself to go past disappointment until the point when you succeed, realizing that ‘fizzling’ is a piece of the achievement procedure.




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Retaining Good Employees

Organizations with high representative turnover rates are losing profitable assets as well as significant cash. Distinctive investigations think of various expenses, yet these range from $7,000 – $9,000 to supplant an hourly low-wage worker and up to $45,000 to supplant a mid-level salaried representative. A few gauges on the cost of supplanting the normal representative are over $125,000. The Saratoga Institute and Hewitt Associates gauge the efficiency cost of supplanting employees can cost 1 to 2.5 times the compensation of the employment opportunity.

Besides the real cost of procuring and preparing new employees, turnover can likewise add to customer-benefit disturbance, decreases in confidence among residual employees, and loss of corporate information. Turnover has the most noteworthy cost in occupations requiring particular aptitudes, for example, nursing and data innovation, and employment in a center or abnormal state administration. Numerous organizations and associations are grasping HR ability administration programs that assess the issues of representative maintenance, and unreasonably numerous are definitely not.

Is representative maintenance going to end up a noteworthy issue for your organization? All things considered, as indicated by the Gallop association, 71% of your employees as of now would think about leaving for a superior or additionally engaging opportunity. Join that measurement with the present positive condition of the economy, low joblessness rate and adaptable work courses of action accessible, and it turns out to be evident that employees now have more options than any other time in recent memory. Presently, we should include the way that throughout the following couple of years while 76 million Baby Boomers start to resign, the up and coming Generation X (ages 25-34) has a populace of just 44 million individuals, and it turns out to be evident that every year there will be fewer individuals accessible for work.

In the event that your business is very representative basic, at that point worker maintenance is one of the essential measures of the soundness of your association. On the off chance that you are as of now losing basic staff individuals, you can securely wager that different employees are looking too. And keeping in mind that few of us would turn down more cash, as indicated by most investigations, cash isn’t the essential tool for retaining employees. A couple of straightforward advances that organizations can take to help retain the employees they have and can go far in keeping employees glad and beneficial.

Employees are individuals and need what the vast majority need: adaptable work routines, thankfulness, preparing for execution change, execution motivating forces, and the clear course on precisely what is anticipated from them. On the off chance that the organization is earnestly keen on the worker doing admirably, as a rule, the representative will do well.

Adaptable Schedules

As of not long ago, “adaptable work courses of action” implied that in the event that you worked late on Wednesday, at that point you could come in late or leave early Thursday. Presently, as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics around 30% of full-time employees in the United States have genuine adaptable calendars that enable them to adjust work and private lives. A developing number of employees are from double vocation couples, have youngster or potentially senior care duties, or are children of post-war America, and these factors make a developing interest in adaptable work routines. Since adaptable work courses of action challenge, numerous customary suspicions about how, where and when work completes in numerous ventures, creating and taking off such a program takes cautious arranging.


Since How to retain good employees associated with continuous preparing feel that their manager is occupied with them completing a superior occupation and thinks enough about them to make an interest in their improvement, an immediate connection exists amongst preparing and worker maintenance. While preparing has dependably been viewed as a method for positive change and expanded representative execution in any business, just as of late have HR specialists understood that preparation is a key tool in worker maintenance. A worker must have the tools, time and prepare important to carry out their activity well – or they will move to a business who gives them.


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3M Company

In March Forbes published their list of the most ethical companies in the world. At the top of that list was the 3M Company.  You can find a lot of information on their company online but one of the things that I found the most interesting was the video that 3M put out which shows how they hope their culture will be.  What do you think?




We will have some great content for you guys coming soon but I wanted to start with something that is so important not only in business but also in life – courage.

You took the leap and had the courage to start your own business – which can be really scary at times.  What happens when there’s something that you see happening that you think is unethical or illegal? It takes even more courage to be willing to stand up and change things, especially when the change is yours to make.